“A NewsHound’s Guide to Student Journalism” is a comic book that doubles as a high school textbook to civically engage young people.

Part episodic graphic novel, part educational text, “A NewsHound’s Guide to Student Journalism” offers high school cub reporters a glimpse into the dramas, adventures and ethical conundrums that make journalism so deeply compelling, rewarding and fun. It also provides a solid underpinning of media arts values and practice.

Perfect for school, libraries and youth media programs.

“A Newshound’s Guide to Student Journalism” is a fantastic, real-world text that educates students through clever scenarios that truly show how scholastic media operates.  Of texts I’ve seen and used, this one is head-and-shoulders about the rest.”

– Tom Gayda, 2018 National High School Teacher of the Year, Dow Jones News Fund

Review / Examination copies available for teachers.  Contact McFarland Books for more details.