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The Authors

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Katina Paron, MJE, helped create the NYC High School Journalism Collaborative at Baruch College and is on the board of The Deadline Club. A journalism educator and an editor, she has helped thousands of young people earn their first professional bylines in publications including Ms. magazine, Daily News, Newsday, Metro, Ebony, Minneapolis Star-Tribune and, among other places. She was the founding editor of Teen Voices, a global girl news site at Women’s eNews, and former managing director of the youth news agency, Children’s PressLine. She’s written about youth journalism for The New York Times, The Daily News, WNYC SchoolBook and more. She runs NewsHive, a pop-up digital newsroom for teens, and makes bread. This is her first book.  Find her on Twitter: @katinaparon


Javier Güelfi is an Argentine-born cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. He has worked for companies and NGOs like BuzzFeed, Univision, Unicef, The Women’s Building and many local and international media outlets. He has illustrated children’s books for Spain and Latin América, and collaborated with US Hispanic campaigns like #Latinación, an initiative to shed light on the lives of hispanic people in the US and #EnMiPaís, a graphic campaign on the differences and similarities of Latin American countries. He works as a freelance illustrator and plays some funky music on the electric bass whenever he can. Find him on Twitter: @javierguelfi

The authors would also like to thank the following people and organizations for their support in bringing “A Newshound’s Guide To Student Journalism” to life.